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Ethics in a Time of Illness

Ethics in a time of Illness First, I am not a physician and…
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A Gift From God

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Can we Know God is Real? Maybe you have asked that question. Did you ask that question at her funeral?  The Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting raises questions about evil in the world. Can we know God is real to redeem this broken world?

Maybe you have settled that question, but your friend has not. He brings up difficult and interesting questions that even cause you to think. Philosophers have been asking these types of perplexing questions for centuries. Noted philosophers like Plato and Aristotle were searching for God and the Real that is truly real.

Questions like “Can we know God is Real?” spark deep thinking about reality. We desperately want to think clearly about every aspect of our lives.

This website is sponsored by Christian Leaders Institute for the purpose of seeking to think clearly about difficult and perplexing questions. Dr. Roy Clouser has agreed to be our first resident philosopher. He will be posting regularly. Enroll now in a free philosophy course of study.

Christian Perspective

We believe that God is real and enthusiastically see truth from a Biblical Christian perspective. Christian philosophy at this site promotes the belief that God created our reality including human imagebearers, us, as the crown of creation. Adam and Eve fell into sin and brought sin and brokenness into the world. Jesus Christ redeemed us from our sin and rose again victorious to ignite renewal in our broken world by defeating sin and death.

Essentially, Christ connected the reality of heaven, with the reality of our reality our earth (our universe). Connecting these realities was core to why Jesus came.

Ignite Renewal

Christian philosophy asks difficult questions not to give all the answers, but to spark curious inquiry lighted from resurrection victory. Can we know God is Real? ignites renewal as we probe deeply into the self-evident and scriptural truth.

We picked the question, Can We Know God is Real? as the website name reflecting one interesting question. This website will get into other heated questions as well. Some topics will be thinking topics like “Why is there evil in this world?” Other topics might be practical musings on subjects like “What do we do about gun rights in America?” All topics come from the Christian Philosophy – Creation, Fall, Redemption – perspective. Different aspects of reality will be featured to ignite renewal everywhere.

Dr. Roy Clouser will post often. Some posts will be featured from student submissions at Christian Leaders Institute. Christian Leaders Institute offers free Biblical higher-education, including Philosophy. Dr. Roy Clouser is in the process of completing two Philosophy classes this summer at CLI. Click here to check it out.