Dr. Roy Clouser

Christian Leaders Institute is pleased to have as our resident Christian Philosopher, Dr. Roy Couser.

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Roy Clouser Academic History

Christian Leaders Institute, 2018Roy Clouser

Resident Philosopher, Roy Clouser

The College of New Jersey, Ewing, N.J.

Prof. Emeritus, 2002 – present

Professor of philosophy & religion, 1991–2002.

Assoc. Professor of philosophy & religion, 1973-1991.

Asst. Professor of philosophy & religion, 1968-1973.

Rutgers University, Camden, N.J.

Adjunct Assoc. Professor of philosophy, 1969 – 1984.

La Salle University, Philadelphia, Pa.

Instructor in philosophy, 1966 ‑ 1968.

Rutgers University

Instructor in symbolic logic, 1965 – 1966.

Educational Background

University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D. in philosophy, 1972.

Dissertation: “Transcendental Critique, Ontological Reduction, and Religious Belief in the Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd”.

Advisor: James Ross. Harrison Fellowship.

Courses with: J. Ross (phil. of religion, dissertation seminar), G. Morrow (Plato, Aristotle), F. Clarke (British Empiricists), M. Farber (Kant, phenomenology), W. Fontaine (social phil), E. Flower (ethics), B. Grunstra (phil. of science); 1962 – 1966.

Free University of Amsterdam 1967 and 1971:

Ph.D. dissertation conferences with Herman Dooyeweerd, summers 1967 & 1971. Travel grants both years from the Free University.

University of Pennsylvania: MA.in philosophy, 1965.

Thesis: “Aristotle’s Theory of Moral Incontinence”.

Advisor: Glenn Morrow

*   Harvard Graduate School 1961-1962

Studies in the History & Philosophy of Religion with P. Tillich (phil. of religion, The Self- Interpretation of Man), H. Oberman (Medieval Thought), E. Wright (Old Testament), A. Wilder (New Testament), R.R. Niebuhr (19th Century theology); 1961 – 1962.

Reformed Episcopal Seminary: BD. in theology, 1962 (Summa cum Laude).

Dean Prize in theology; Alumni Award to outstanding graduating senior.

Gordon College: BA in philosophy, 1961 (Summa cum Laude).

Drew Scholarship.

Awards & Scholarships

  • TCNJ: Merit Award to outstanding faculty, 2001.
  • Andreas Foundation: research grant, 1998.
  • Templeton Foundation: Course Award in Science and Religion,
  • TCNJ: Merit Award to Outstanding Faculty, 1987.
  • Andreas Foundation: research grant, 1983.
  • Institute for Advanced Christian Studies: research grant,